Friday, November 13, 2009

Phillipsburgh Lovin

This past week I got to go with Jacqueline and Chloe to visit Jac's family. It was SO nice...we ate alot, visited alot, attended Sharlene's Shutterfly party, and most important for me felt loved. I got so many hugs and smiled so much while I was there. It was so sweet to see Chloe interact with her extended family as well -- they all love her so much! It did my heart good to go there and I told my friend Heidi that driving back, I actually felt happy. I am happy other times, but I was just running over with happiness and it has been a long time since I felt that. So YEA! for God's people spilling their love and joy to others! And Yea! for Jacqueline having such a great family -- grandparents, aunts, cousins! And Yea! for Shutterfly giving out free photobooks....

Pictures from our trip :-)

Keesee's and Sikes'
Lovin on Chloe
Bob making us a wonderful breakfast!

Chloe getting some Grams time

Jazzy doing so good on our roadtrip

Chloe enjoying NOT being in the carseat. :-)

Our welcome sign! :-) Sharlene and Bob are both so welcoming!


Sharlene said...

We felt loved too and oh so blessed that we got to spend quality time with you before you leave the country! God blessed us all when He brought you into Jacqueline's and ultimately our lives. Thanks for making time to come! We love you!

Thanks for bringing Nicoda's books and sharing him with us.

Jacqueline said...

Loved being with you. So grateful for the gift of you. Praying for your transition, and I too am so glad for the good times we were able to share!