Friday, October 30, 2009

When One Door Shuts, Another Opens

YAY!!! Khalid and I are FINALLY going to be together -- I'm finally going to be a wife and enjoy fighting over dishes and trash! :-) We are both so excited. It does my heart good to hear his smile over the phone. And I wish I could have recorded his voice when he called to tell how the hearing he went -- he was shouting! PRAISE GOD! We were both honestly not very hopeful because every other door we had prayed for had been shut, so for it to be flown open was like water to our dry hearts! so again i say PRAISE GOD! We prayed and prayed and prayed for so long and with so many tears for his American papers and the door was not just shut, it was slammed. Then a month later (and still more prayers) the door for us to be together was opened. God said, "Finally you asked for what my plan was!" Well thanks God -- we got the message after the fact. Sorry we are such dense humans. So who knows -- America may still be in our future, but God has plans for us yet still in Europe. All in His timing and according to His will....PRAISE GOD! I am so excited to be with Khalid and my anxiety to go down. Ever since I came back to America in September I have been having anxiety attacks almost daily -- almost like my body rebelling being away from Khalid. So it will do my body and heart good to be there. My planned move date is Dec. 3rd, but that is all contigent on dollars lining up like we need. But if God wants me there, no money will hold me back. That is a lesson I learned being a missionary -- the money is the easy part. :-) So can I say PRAISE GOD again?
I also wanted to post a HUGE THANK YOU for all the people who have been praying....we truly appreciate it. And we ask you not to stop....we still need a few more details to iron out and for my mental status about leaving my fam and friends here. And I logically know that Nicoda is in heaven, but I feel such a pull to his grave, it is always hard to think of being so far from "him". But Khalid's hugs and our memories of Nicoda are defintely a better memorial than a headstone.
More details and moving plans to come!

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Annie said...

Yeah! Yeah! Yeah! I am SO happy for you.