Thursday, October 15, 2009

"Lights of Love"

Today is October 15th and at 7 pm (my time zone) I will be lighting a candle for Nicoda and all the babies I know that have passed away through miscarriage and stillbirth. It is called Lights of Love and is a nationally recognized day for Infant Loss. I am asking that you join me in remembering Nicoda by also lighting a candle for one hour on Thursday at 7. If you do, I am also asking that you take a picture as I would like to document some of them in his scrapbook. So many people have experienced this loss either personally, as a family member, or close friend -- so light the candle for all the babies you know who have passed. I will be remembering Thomas, Opal, Levi, and Gracie and many other babies whom I know are with my son in heaven.

Here is a link with a video and more information.

I love you Nicoda and can't wait to hold you in heaven again.

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