Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Kansas City, Here We Come

Jac, Chloe, and I took a road trip to the close and nearby city of home. I wanted to get some good shots of Kansas City before I move, so I can have a little book of home with me. So here are some of pictures of how I see Kansas City. :-)

Still need to get some shots of Worlds of Fun and my favorite gas station, Quiktrip. Anybody think of any shots that I am missing?
Then there are some pictures of us -- because who can resist taking pictures with Chloe! :-)


Brenda Collins said...

pics to get before you go -- plaza Christmas lights. I loved being at the lighting of those lights growing up. I am so grateful that all has worked out for you to go and be with your husband.

Annie said...

Thanks for taking care of my Chloer. I'm glad you guys have that time. AND, congratulations on yesterday's exciting news. I am so glad you've cleared an important hurdle with flying colors. Thank you, God! Love you!

Anonymous said...

The fountains at the K.