Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Back to States...and Wishing I Wasn't

Date Night! :-)

I made my Atlantic Ocean trip again. Every time I leave Khalid I start my countdown of when I get to go back and this trip was probably the most special to me because it was long enough for us to feel married. No vacation feeling or deep grieving.... Ahh! Who would have thought that having domestic arguments about doing the dishes is something that would make me happy. I got to spend almost 6 weeks with Khalid. We watched movies, walked by the river (he was only a few blocks away) and toured a castle nearby. And we naturally had a lot of my favorite....ICE CREAM. And by we, I mean only me. He did sacrifice and get some just once. One afternoon Khalid suggested we go to a nearby church and light a candle for our Nicoda -- it was so touching for me to know that he thinks about Nicoda so much. He does not talk about his pain so much, but the little things he does and says sometimes clue me in.
Our visa that we had been hoping for Khalid and that many people wrote support letters for was denied. That was a dark day for me because I had put so much hope into us starting our married life in America. But God has different plans for our family, so it is our hope and prayer that I am able to move to Austria before the holidays. It all depends on government process though -- which has not proved to be our friend, so we are nervous. But it is that little bit of hope that keeps pushing us through....

Castle we visited

Khalid loved the seeing all the rooms and weapons....

Flowers we picked from the road

Lighting a candle for Nicoda

Cheese! :-)


Jacqueline said...

So glad that you had that time together! I'm praying that you'll soon be enjoying a LIFE WITH your husband, just sad it won't be here. Love you. So grateful that you're my friend.

Brenda Collins said...

Welcome back. So grateful that your visit went well. I hope that the process for getting your over there is much more smooth!