Friday, May 29, 2009

Help Bring Khalid to America

I know most people have already heard this and/or read about this -- but I wanted to cover all my bases. I am recieved a letter from Homeland Security attacking Khalid's Christianity and the validity of our marriage (if we married for love or a visa). Thus I am asking anyone who knows me and of Khalid through me to write a letter stating this. I want Homeland Security to realize that I am love my husband more than anything, that I am capable of making good choices, and that it is offense to question his faith, anyone's faith for that matter. It is hurtful and shocking that Nicoda is not a good enough example of our love for each other....I mean he is the cutest baby EVER and looks so much like his daddy! (and I am not biased at all.)

Anyways if you want to help, can help please e-mail a letter to me at It can short and sweet or as lengthy as you want. I just need to mail them by Monday or Tuesday, so make sure I have enough to print yours off.

Thank you so much!!!

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