Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Dream of Heaven

Last week I had a dream about Nicoda that I wish I could dream each night. I dream of Nicoda a lot -- but it is usually reliving his death. :-( So when I woke up last week with such a feeling of peace, I almost wept.

I dreamt I was in heaven holding Nicoda. It was just me holding him and we were looking at each other. We were both completely focused on each other and yet I was also completely aware of everything around me -- Jesus, others who have died, clouds. And I felt what I can imagine is true peace. I can barely even describe it though.... It was feeling alive and so calm. Every sense, every cell was in tune. The dream was as every heaven dream should be....heavenly. Peace, Nicoda, and Jesus :-)

I told Khalid about it and he was so jealous....not of me being in heaven, but that I got to be with Nicoda. So now I am praying for him to have a good Nicoda dream as well....

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