Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Kids Say the Darn'dst Things

I have to pay the bills somehow and since I can't emotionally handle foster care anymore, I am subbing. I enjoy it though -- it keeps my mind busy and I love children. And the things they say.... :-)

"I know why girls have babies in their tummies and boys don't," said one little 1st grader.
"Why is that?"
He replied, "Because girls are gross AND babies are gross."

"Mrs. H (they can't say Hamidi), do you have any kids?" (3rd grade boy)
"Yes, I have a one son, but he is in heaven now."
"Ohhhh....he was in the Army." (said so matter factly like all Army guys die. HA)

But the things they say are not always so funny. One little girl when I was teaching Art (of all things) came up to me crying because the girl next to her had drawn a picture for her brother. The little girl was upset because she said her mom went to the hospital to have her brother, but her brother didn't get to come home. He had to go to heaven. To say the least, it was a punch in the gut. I gave her hug and tried so hard not to sob....(I also let her go to the nurses office for the rest of class). One little girl just yesterday told me that she couldn't write about Easter in her journal because she hadn't celebrated it yet. She explained that her Mom talked to God who talked to the Easter Bunny and it was decided that Easter would held off until her brother came home from chemo treatment. She is hoping it is this week.... :-( I am not sure why God has me hear their sad stories -- sometimes they send me spiraling down for the day -- but they touched me and maybe that is why. So somebody would remember to pray.

My favorite sub story deals with Nicoda directly -- which is why it is my favorite. I was teaching a 3rd grade class (4 days) and met a cute girl from another class during the freezing recess. She offered to walk with me to help me stay warm. While walking and talking, she asked me if I believe in God. I told her yes. She explained that she is Muslim and prays to Allah who is like God. I told her that I knew about Muslims because my husband used to be Muslim. She was shocked at this, but asked if we had any kids. I told her what I always tell the kids -- "Yes, one son who is in heaven." She looked up at me with tears in her eyes and told me how sorry she was. She told me that Allah would take care of my baby and she would pray for my husband and I. She's 9. A few days later I was in her classroom to help with a test, and I saw her name printed on her desk. Nargiz....the name of my mother-in-law who is also in heaven. I was excited to meet someone with that name, and only later realized what a blessing I had encountered. Never since Nicoda died did I even consider that he might be with his grandmother. I cried and truly feel that Khalid's mom wanted me to know that she is taking care of Nicoda. I tear up just writing this story because it gives me goosebumps and makes me even more excited to be in heaven -- to see my baby and meet Khalid's parents.

God is all around us. Even in our darkest times, He sends what you need.... Maybe for that day it is tears to release emotions, a friend to hug you, anger to get you out of bed, or a precious 9 year old to remind that God is bigger than all things. I still don't believe that God chose me to lose a child -- something so awful could only come from Satan -- but I do believe that God will work through this pain. To Him be the glory forever.


Brenda Collins said...

God will work through this. It also sounds like God has placed you with those children to help them thorugh terrible situations because you know how it is. You are amazing!

s&sjohnson08 said...

Kids say the most amazing things sometimes. God is so good and has such a wonderful plan for you and those kids!

Anonymous said...

So touching Stacia, Your son is being held by God and your husbands family, I am sure everyone in heaven is fighting to hold him, I would be too!

Anonymous said...

When you least expect it, God does some pretty amazing things. Those children are there for you. I'm reading a book I think you might want to read sometime. It's called "An Exact Replica of a Figment of My Imagination".

Anonymous said...

Oh, honey. I love you so much and amire you and your honesty. Thank you for reminding me that God is in the details, and sometimes... when life is really putting you through the ringer... we are sensitive enough to see and feel the details.

I love you and cherish you SO MUCH! yOU CONTINUE TO BE IN MY PRAYERS AND THOUGHTS. (oops... silly caps lock!)

Kara Deal