Monday, March 23, 2009

March 16th -- Come and Gone

March 16th came and went before I was prepared. It was a day that I thought my life would be changed forever and as I sat up most of the night crying, I realized it was changed forever.  It was the day Nicoda was supposed to be here.   Khalid and I looked at Nicoda’s pictures the night before and talked about how life is different now. Khalid told me that we have to start viewing Nicoda as a diamond – something so valuable. And just like people don’t wear a 5-carat diamond everyday, we don’t get to carry Nicoda around. But that doesn’t mean we can’t walk around and be proud of what a treasure we have and that is waiting for us in heaven.  

March 16th was also Khalid and I’s 10-month anniversary. Khalid can’t pronounce anniversary so he said “Happy University” to me all day – so cute! After a very emotional night for me, I put of my happy face and we celebrated by having one of Khalid’s meals – Big Mac Value Meal! Then we went bowling – it was Khalid’s first time, so I am ashamed to admit that he still won 2 out of 3. Apparently he just needed the first game to learn and conquer. ☺

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