Monday, March 23, 2009

Hubby Time

Yea! for God and His immeasurable blessings. Although I am hurting so much and wish that one of my blessings had been Nicoda for longer, I am so glad that I was able to spend 5 glorious weeks with Khalid.

The most exciting thing that we did each day was just be together. Khalid was AMAZING at being supportive. I cried everyday – usually in the mornings because I dream so badly – and he held me everyday. Even when I knew he was weary of all the tears….What a Blessing! We watched A LOT of movies (yeah for youtube) because there was not much else to do at our dorm-like apartment. We were about an hour train ride outside of Vienna, so only went into the city for our two visits to the American Consulate. We walked around the countryside as well – for the first two weeks we had knee length snow, then knee length mud. ☺ What a Blessing! Almost each day we made lunch or dinner into quite an affair for the sole reason of having something to do. Khalid is so praiseworthy of my cooking that it was fun to keep trying new recipes on him. What a Blessing! Also each day we would read questions from a “Would You Rather…” book. It helped bring up new words for Khalid to learn and to discuss some serious and some silly topics. What a Blessing!

Words we learned: the differences between pride, honor, glory (hard!) differences in the words cap, cup, and cab (which he first thought were all cap), grief, anniversary, bankrupt, prisoner, jury, and guard (because a big court case is going on in Austria). And the learning lessons were also for me….I learned to write my name, Khalid’s and Nicoda’s names in Persian. I practiced greetings and numbers as well – although I won’t lie that I am truly awful at learning languages. I was constantly amazed how fast Khalid would pick up on words and phrases….especially my phrases. How telling of me that my husband calls people ‘pissants’ when he is annoyed and yells ‘Bullcrap’ at me when we are arguing. Whenever he uses a truly American phrase in an argument – the argument is usually over because I cannot stop laughing.

As to paperwork – we applied for some paperwork from Afghanistan, but if the American Consulate doesn’t think it is offical enough we are at a standstill STILL. Which leaves our only options for me to move to Austria or for both of us to immigrant to a different country. Very frustrating and we need a lot of prayer. It is unacceptable to me that Khalid should not even be allowed to see Nicoda’s grave or meet my family. The consulate general spent more time questioning if we were married for the right reasons (like anyone would go to this much work or have a baby together) instead of brainstorming paperwork solutions. Ahhh!

Faith was a big topic for us while I was there as well. Khalid is a relatively new Christian and I being very confused and hurt. But again my husband shocked me and was AMAZING. He has days that he questions and gets angry, but they never mirrored mine – so he reassured me day after day that God has a plan….God loves us….God is taking care of Nicoda….and mostly importantly again and again GOD HAS A PLAN FOR US. What a blessing I have for a husband!

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The Couch Family said...

I am so glad you had a wonderful time! I will be praying that he can get here soon. I loved reading all of the neat stuff you posted about your trip! My fav is the Bull Crap part! That would be funny. Glad you got back safe. Know, I love you so much and I think of you everyday.