Saturday, December 20, 2008

Bigger and Better

I have been inspired by my beautiful friend, Jacqueline, to update my blog. I opened my blog to tell people how I was doing in Austria and the amazing things that were happening, so didn't keep adding after I returned to America. As I was reading my past posts though, I realized (in that way one does over and over again) that the things happening in my life right now are just as amazing.

Since my last post I found a car...a little red Neon named Peanut; a job...I am a Foster Care Case Manager for Cornerstones of Care where I do case management for kids and families; 3 places to live -- with Katie in her townhouse for a few months, in my own apartment which ended up having mold, and most recently with Mark and Heidi Elmore who have opened their home and lives to me. Most importantly though I married my life partner and husband, Khalid Hamidi. I actually met him while I was living in Austria and dated him while I was there. I did not write much about him while I was there because I struggled a lot with if I should be dating while doing mission work. But we stayed together even after I moved back to the States and the move back actually solidified our love for each other and gave both of us a clear vantage point to see how much we wanted to be together. So...we eloped on May 16th, 2008! That was the high point of our relationship together because we then started the long process of obtaining a visa when your husband is Afghani. Khalid and I are still in that process and pray everyday that God blesses us by bringing him here...

So Khalid and I have been married for 7 months now and are preparing for the most amazing thing our lives -- to be parents. Our blessing Nicoda is 29 weeks along and I believe a lot like his dad because it has not been an easy pregnancy. hee hee But even 9 hard months of pregnancy are going to be worth the joy of finally meeting Nicoda Shaw. We had our sonogram in November and had a special moment together when I went to visit in Vienna and we opened the sonogram said BOY! We both thought it was a boy and wanted a boy, so we were glad that Nicoda went along with us. :-) So now we pray with a deadline in mind -- March 16th is the date Nicoda comes and that we need Khalid to be here.

I believe that every week of pregnancy is better than the one before -- every week I can feel Nicoda move/kick more and more. I love reading about how he is growing and I stand amazed at what a miracle God is forming inside me. Nicoda really favors my right side though and I can feel him put his little hands and feet under my ribs (not such a pleasant feeling). He also loves to wake up as soon as he senses that I am about to sleep. :-) One other important fact about Nicoda is that he dislikes sweet things, especially ice cream. I could not believe and still can't that any child of mine would disagree with a nice bowl of chocolate heaven, but it's true. I still sneak some every now and again, but usually regret it later. :-)

Well I hope if you are reading this that you feel properly updated...I will update again soon and add some photos of myself x2 -- literally pictures of me twice as big. I tried to tell my family that I deserved twice as many gifts for Christmas this year, since I am twice as big as last, but I don't think they brought it.

Merry Christmas! God Bless!


Sabine said...

Hi Stacia! I really would have like to see you in November! Well, I guess you had better plans?!

Your time in Vienna really was not a failure! Your input to the work with the kids was so great and you left a hole that cannot be filled! You had great ideas and a love for the kids that they could see and feel! Don't ever even think for a second or let anyone tell you it was a failure!

A lot of times I still think about how it was when you came to our church on Sundays - and I miss your presence and esp. your smile and laughing!

You're a wonderful person who has a lot to give! I wish you all the best for your upcoming birth of your baby.


Jacqueline said...

I love you, friend. I'm praying for ya'll daily, and then some. Praying that 2009 is a year of blessing and better things. God'll work it out. Hopefully, in a few short months, we'll be snuggled up in KC, MO with our little sweeties.