Monday, August 27, 2007

Back to the Red, White, and Blue

Amazing the circles that we live turn in. In my head, I imagined living in Kansas City to be in my distant, perhaps non-existent future, yet here I am. I am staying with my sister and her family right now as I adjust back to being back in America. I say out loud to people, "Yeah, I am home now" but then I think to myself, "Really is Kansas City home America home?" That is how I know I am still in the adjustment phase. :-) I feel like I am just visiting my family, yet that doesn't mesh with searching for a job does it? But our God is an amazing God and He knows what I am doing.

At one church I visited upon coming back to America, a man commented on how sorry he was that my mission trip failed. I just blinked a couple of times and realized right then for myself that it was not a failure at all. It was not an easy decision to come home a year early from my mission trip -- but it was with God's guidance and shoving (God can gently push some people...but some people need shoves) that my change of plans came about. I won't lie, I hate that I had to come home early -- I hate how much I miss my youth group -- I hurt when I think of all "those things" I could have done differently -- and I cry knowing I left a home. BUT I rejoice in Lord because His plan is better than mine, and He knew when I went to Vienna that after 14 months I'd be back. Oh, how great is our God! That even when we see failure -- He sees lives changed and a plan that is so much bigger than we can imagine. Oh, how great is our God! That even when we are not happy, we can praise Him because we know we need the good times and the bad. Oh, how great is our God to put people into our lives to say exactly what we are thinking....and show us that we were wrong. Oh, how great is our God.

This past month being back in America I have visited several churches and shared how amazing and eventful my year in Austria was. I have gotten to rest and relax. I have seen several Royals games and even gotten to watch my niece play tennis. It has been a long month...and now I am about to start searching for a job and by default a car. But this past month has been filled with blessings....and those blessings are all people. My family has let me hibernate at their house, my mom flew me out to California to visit my grandma, my best friend came and stayed with me for a two days, one friend called many times after I first got back to keep reminding me it was okay to not be okay, and I had a very refreshing trip to Abilene -- my church family, my little bro, and so many special women who are like sisters to me. THANK YOU -- I thank each and everyone of you for loving me and supporting me. You have been angels to me.

I love you all and thank you again for your prayers -- without which I am sure my last year in Austria would not have been possible. And I ask that you continue to pray for all the seeds planted during this past year....


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FeedingYourMind said...

I tried to call you several weeks back...

Uhh, yeah, I still have your OLD cell phone number...the girl that answered was definately not you, but she was really sweet though when I found out I had the wrong number...HA!

Maybe you can email me with your digits, buddy! ;)