Saturday, March 10, 2007

Holidays 2006

Frohes Weihnachten und Ein Gutes Neues Jahre! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! My holidays were wonderful here in Vienna. Since they celebrate Christmas on Christmas Eve, we got to celebrate with the whole church on Sunday. Our youth group made breakfast for everyone and then after church we had a big present exchange for the kids. Reggy had brought a present for each kid and I made little candy/toy gift bags. The kids loved it and they loved their lives even more when we ate at McDonald's for lunch. :-) I, praise God, was spared the McDonald's and journeyed to my preachers house for an Austrian holiday meal -- which is usually goose or fish. Their three boys surprised me with a bracelet, a funny card, and a gift certificate for 10 free treats. I gave them something I knew they would love and hopefully of my jars of peanut butter...since they are half-American they treasure peanut butter as well. Then I ended my night by going to one of my teens house where he and his mom had lots of company over. They are from Muldava and I was blessed to eat a WHOLE meal again; aka she would not take no for an answer and even gave me seconds. We played games and visited until real late. On the actual Christmas day, I wake up and opened some of the presents that survived the wait (i am sad to say that it wasn't very many cause I am not a very patient person) and then delivered a few more presents. Afterwards I treated myself to a thermal has very warm water with lots of massage spouts, music playing, calm lights, and aroumatheraphy saunas. It was heavenly! To end my night I talked to my family for hours.... :-)
A few days after Christmas, we had a Winter Camp at the church house in the Alps. There we got to sled and snowboard and go for walks all afternoon, while enjoying Bible lessons in the morning and evening. It was a very relaxing camp and a great time to get to know each other better. On New Year's Eve, we all trooped outside and watched the fireworks from about 7 different towns. They looked so small from our vantage point, but it was a great time. Then after we trooped back in, we gave out New Year Blessings. The blessings were letters written by all of us to all of us throughout the week. For those that like touchy feel was exactly the moment you dream of...tears, hugs, big smiles. :-)

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