Friday, March 30, 2007


I guess one thing that is important to know about me (not really) is that I am a sucker for all commerical holidays. When I lived in America, I even decorated for Valentine's Day and 4th of July...although I draw the line at Memorial Day and Labor Day. :-) So I say all that to say that I love Easter. All the spring colors, the Reesee's eggs, having another ploy to hold over kids heads...the whole thing. And the best part of the Easter and Christmas is that is the easiest time of the year to bring up God to people. Christ is risen! and so many people celebrate that day. What a joy to be a part of a great big family around the world who all on the same day will shout/sing/pray for joy because Christ didn't stay in the grave, he came back and saved us all! I get goosebumps just thinking about it! What a blessing, what a joy, what an honor that was bestowed upon us.... Being here in Europe where Easter is as big as a deal as Christmas is so cool. I know that most of the people are just excited because Spring is here, but the whole area shuts down for Easter. All of the stores and everything will be closed, so that families can be together over this holiday from Good Friday until Easter Tuesday. The schools are even out for two weeks....sounds nice to all the teachers, huh?
Right now I am staying in Germany with an amazing missionary family. The work in a town in the north part of the country and have a thriving church here. It is about 40-50 people and they have over 7 different Bible study groups meeting each week, among other outreaches. It has been a joy learning from them and taking a much needed break from Vienna. I will definitely go back with fresh eyes. Starting tomorrow I will be going to a preteen Easter camp and then a youth retreat over Easter weekend. I am really excited to meet lots of new people and to learn new songs in German. And I won't lie...I am really excited to drink pop! I gave it up for Lent, so come Easter Sunday and I will also be joyous about breaking my fast with a nice ice cold Dr. Pepper. (I still have a stash from the ones my brother sent and a few from my trip from America). After the camp I will be staying another week here and then back to Vienna. Please pray for me going back to Vienna. The situation with the guy I dated is still a problem and I will be searching for a roommate and an apartment Yea! I am excited to see who God is going to room me with and I hope it is a relationship that will be a blessing both ways.
Now to sign off...I want to wish all of you a wonderful Easter weekend! Remember that Christ died for you and for all and to make it even better He went to heaven and left us the Holy Spirit! What a gift! You are a child of God and may your heart rejoice with that knowledge and truth!


Amy said...

A church of 40-50 people that has 7 Bible studies each week? That's amazing! Sometime you should tell us about the differences or similarities between the churches you've encountered in Europe vs. the ones in the U.S.

Brian said...

Dear God,

I say a prayer only once in a great while, but I find it important to say one today. I know you will hear it because I am praying for one of your greatest soldiers, my sister. My sister is a Christian and wears that name proudly on here sleeve as she teaches your word (sometimes in German) over in Austria. She has asked for a prayer to give her strength and I feel that she (who not only believes in your word, but practices and preaches your word) will gain strength with each and every prayer you recieve. So I ask you God, please bless my sister with strength as she returns to Vienna, give her a safe place to live as she delivers your word, in a place far from her home in the US, and give her patience so that she may concentrate on the great works that she is doing in your name. God, give her family even more patience, as we count the days until she returns home and spreads your word here in the US and Lord please return her home safely.

I say this prayer in your name, Amen

Devin said...

Stacia, happy Easter (a day early)! I enjoy reading your blog and it's a good reminder to keep you in prayers. I really enjoy reading about how God is working through you and being glorified by your actions. <>< Eph. 3:20-21