Saturday, March 10, 2007

2007 and Beyond

My, oh, my, time flies! :-) I wrote so long ago and kept meaning to write more and more and then suddenly I realized I must write, so people know I am alive. Thanks for being patient with me.
January -- the highlight and best part of January was that we had three baptisms! I will post pictures when my computer is back from the doctor, but our three new siblings are Micheal, Christina, and Benjamin. They are all apart of our youth group here in Vienna and it was such a joy to watch them take on Christ. Our youth group meets every Friday night for singing, a devo, and games/fellowship. We usually do one fun thing a month as January it was an indoor water park. January was a hard month for me because Reggy, my coworker, was down and out for several weeks and another brother who usually helps at the shelter on Tues. and Thurs. had hip surgury. But a happy note is that I turned 24 with seemingly no problems at all. The preacher and his family made me my favorite dessert (cherry pie) and even had the words Happy Birthday cut out of the pie crust. I loved it! I also loved the Dr. Pepper from my brother...I almost fainted to open the two boxes and 24 beloved cans resting in an very abnormal amount of paper and stuffing. LOL My mom, also ever the sweetheart, sent me a birthday party in a box. It had a present, cake mix with frosting, decorations, and the whole works. It was a wonderful week. (I am a little embarassesd to say that I haven't gotten over the joy of birthdays yet and I tend to celebrate and have/force others celebrate with me for a whole week.)

Feburary: on the 1st of this cold, short month I got my Christmas present from my mom...a flight to visit home. I was a bridemaid in my beautiful friend Janaye's wedding. We had a lot of fun running around together in college (and by running, i mean pranking) and it was a thrill to be able to see her BIG day. I also got to visit my favorite church in the whole world, New Life, in Abilene and hang out with friends and my Little Brother. I loved getting to catch up with people, get and give A LOT of hugs, and hold my friend Jenna's little precious boy who I hadn't been able to meet yet. The next stop of my two week trip was to Kansas City for a little R&R with my family. My family doesn't usually go hand in hand with R&R though, so it more like running around and having fun. I got to see the Dead Sea Scrolls with my good friend Fletcher. They were amazing to see and to hear the history of, and it was equally amazing to be uplifted by Fletcher. We spent hours remembering and talking at a very classy resturant called the Waffle House and he blessed me with inviting me to sing (IN ENGLISH) with his youth group. :-) But hands down my nieces and nephew win the best part of my trip award. My nieces celebrated their 14 and 15 birthday while I was home and i relished in giving them a hard time for a full week to make up for being gone. I also spent a lot of time playing and reading and tickling the most adorable little boy, Zachery David Ralph, my nephew. I had a wonderful, amazing, and totally blessed trip.

Upon my return real life hit hard. I found out that because of an electrical problem, I am having to move out of my apartment; I am constantly struggling with my German; and I have an ex boyfriend that I can't get rid of. But God will make a way, of that I am always certain. I need be looking up more and more and thinking "Thank you God that you know what has gone on, what is going on, and what will go on. Thank you also that You do not just know, but that you are working in it all. Thank you for life, for trials and blessings, and for your Son, Jesus who died for us and made it possible for us to have the Holy Spirit." Please pray for me -- that I will learn more and more to step aside and to just be used by God. My life needs that to happen and this ministry that I desire God to do in me requires that as well. Thank you so much your prayers, your love, and your support! I love you all and would love to pray for you as well. Just send me an e-mail or post a comment. Thanks and look for a new post in a few weeks...I will learn to write more. May the peace that passes understanding be upon you and yours!


Anya said...

I did not know you went back to the States -- how awesome must it have been to be with everyone here! I will be going to Ukraine next month, too, and can hardly wait to see my family :)

Are we still up for a fun summer, rommie? I just bought a new summer dress, and I think I could really use it in Vienna :)

couchpotatoes said...

Dear Stacia,
It's so wonderful to see and hear the wonderful work you're doing for God. He blesses us all so much, and it's wonderfully obvious that he has blessed you to be able to have the experiences you're having and to be so on fire for him. We're really upset (see: jealous) that you came back to the states and we didn't get to see you, but glad to hear it went so well. If you'd like, Josh and I can have another wedding if it'll bring you this way again! ;) We've got lots of news to fill you in on, so if you want, shoot an email our way, or if you take too long maybe we'll just shoot one across the pond to you. Lots of love!

Amanda & fam

Annie said...

I've been watching and waiting for another post. YES! I'm glad you're back doing what you love. I will be praying for you and the transitions, move, etc. God blesses those who serve him wholeheartedly. You're truly blessed to be doing His work. Go Stacia!