Sunday, December 17, 2006

My New Home, Yet Missing Home

Vienna, Austria. I remember coming here only for summer mission trips and sitting back thinking -- "whoa! i am in Europe!" Now I live here. :-) And with that comes just joy and heartache. The heartache is due to the holidays I know and because I have such a great family (with great sized problems -- but that runs in all families i am told). Thanksgiving was great! I took that Thursday and Friday off school and cooked a lot of treats to share. It isn't my favorite they haven't discovered the joy of having a holiday only for family and eating -- two of the things I am most thankful for. But on the other hand, they have a holiday for almost everything else! I soak up those holidays along with the American ones. hee hee Speaking of every one's favorite holiday -- I am all ready for Christmas. And by ready I mean I worried that I won't have any presents to open under my tree (which I love my little tree!) because my family mailed them to early. So the darn little boxes just sit there and wave at me -- seriously I feel bad for them, so I open them well at least one a day. After one present, my self control kicks back on. LOL And I have been having fun making cookies with children and finding them all little presents. We had a Christmas concert recently which is better described as a Christmas Talent Show, but it was so great. A lot of the families we work with at the shelter all come and watched it at the church building. Also this week we are having a Christmas party with the youth group and the shelter kids. Then on Christmas Eve, my gallant teens are waking up early and serving brunch at church. Maybe you can help me pray that they do not forget to come...I do not mind cooking...but all alone for the whole church? The other latest event in my life was my weekend trip to Bratislava (the capital of Slovakia). It is only a 45 minute trip by train, but I needed a stamp on my passport. (I can only stay in Vienna for 90 days and then I have to take a short one day until my visa comes). I got to visit the church there and even got to attend their Christmas party. It was a lot of fun and I got to practice my German a lot. You see, Slovakia used to be Czechoslovakia and so it was in the USSR, so in school besides learning Slovak and Russia, they all had to learn German. Now they must English in the schools, but all of the adults were excited to use their German. Bratislava is a very old city that has many traces of Communism still. They are beginning to build new buildings now and have a beautiful old palace. Not to mention an amazing cook..aka the mom of my friend..who made such good food. Now it is time for me to go and rummage up some food...until next time. I love you and Merry Christmas!

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Anya said...

Oh Stacia, oh Stacia! You are having so much fun, aren't you? :) It is truly merry to read about your life and work in Vienna!!! I have been terrible at staying in touch, but I am about to send out letters to the boys and Reggi to your mailing address; hopefully, you will be able to pass those along.
Many hugs and kisses!!!!!
Much Love and best holiday wishes, Anya