Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Time Flies -- 4 Months in Vienna

The joy of the Lord will be my strength! This is what I continually remind myself when I get discouraged. Right now I feel very weak - not physically, but spiritually. I know this is because I want to see results, I want know which lives (if any) are being changed, but that knowledge is not for me to know now or maybe ever. But praise God that all of the unknowns today are being taken care of by the all-knowing God today and tomorrow. I will also admit that being a missionary is nothing like I thought it would. With my great imagination I dreamed up this ideal image and knew exactly what I was going to be doing everyday of my two years-- then the truth hit -- it isn't so easy, it requires my faith to grow everyday, i have no set schedule or responsibilities (which some may say sounds great, but it s ot for my personality), and i keep awful hours. :-) But again I say praise God for he says, " My gracious favor is all you need. My power works best in your weakness. So now I am glad to boast about my weaknesses, so that the power of Christ may work through me. "

My work at the shelter continues and I will say that it is one of my favorite parts of my week -- which s lucky for me because I get to go three times a week. The kids can be so precious and when they are not, I am reminded that these are times I am here for -- for the lessons to be learned and taught. Last week three little girls (8-9 yr. old) reminded of how much more we need to be praying for the kids growing up right now as they discussed which boy they should have sex with...not if, or when, but which. After my heart attack we had a little conversation about how precious they are to God and how they don't want to waste any of they time or energy on a stupid boy. Then I began praying! I am also praying for more women to do Bible studies with. I am currently only doing one 1-1 study with a woman, although still having 2 group lessons and the youth group. But my days are full with people and my nights (not my favorite) with German homework. Aber meine Duestch sind noch besser und besser jeden Tag. (But my German is better and better everyday.)

kids at the shelter
my relationship with the other missionary here, Reggy
the people of Vienna
the teenagers in the youth group
the church here in Vienna -- that they grow and that they want to grow
for the hearts of the women God has planned for me to study with
my knowledge of German
and always more strength, joy, and patience from the Spirit

Father, thank you for how much you love the greatest and the least and everyone in-between. Thank you for how much you show yourself in our lives in all of our blessings and especially in our trials. I love you so much and I ask that also bless each person reading this. Amen

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squish1432 said...

Stacia -- my Vienna friend! I want you to know that I am touched and encouraged by your attitude and the work you are doing. I know that not every day is perfect and there are probably lots of hard ones, but God is shining through you without a doubt. I have been feeling discouraged in my attempts to make it to the mission field in Japan and reading your blog and seeing your strength are very encouraging for me. I am so happy that God has called you to Vienna. Und diene Deutsch ist sehr gut -- now if only I could get started on this Japanese . . . Ich liebe dich!