Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Christmas With Khalid

We got our Christmas tree! It has been snowing, snowing, snowing here but we ventured out and got our tree! :-) I am so proud of how into Christmas Khalid is getting considering he hasn't been celebrating it very long.... My poor little car still hasn't made here yet with my Christmas decorations, but we used string and paper snowflakes to make our tree look festive. We also used a date night to go down to the Rathaus (Town Hall) to their big Christmas Market where we purschased our first ornament together. :-) It was freezing, but it was exciting to see the city all lit up and Christmasy. They were having a big Coca-Cola party as well, so it was packed. And I am probably the only one in Vienna who was craving ice cream, but I also got a wonderful coffe haselnut eis to celebrate. Ha! Yea! for Jesus being born so we could have a cool holiday and a place in heaven! GIGATTATGIG!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Finally Our Forever Begins....

Well it is here! Khalid and I are "really married" we aren't just having vacation time together, we aren't counting the days til I leave, and (THANK YOU GOD) we aren't talking on the phone anymore! It has been nice to be here with him -- set up house (semi - cause we are moving in a couple of months), try to get excited about Christmas, and just to be held all the time. We had Christmas together once when we were dating, but I spent most of my time with the kids here, so I am excited to share this Christmas with him. We are getting a tree this week and are going to decorate with paper snowflakes -- because my decorations are in the car and not sure when it will finally arrive. So our forever is beginning!

A small damper in our joy of being together is that I am struggling so much with Nicoda's birthday coming up soon -- and it has made my anxiety skyrocket. I am functionable, but barely somedays. But Khalid has been trying to make me feel better and even if he doesn't realize it, I am better for just being here. Alas I am praying that we still have a good Christmas amidst my rollercoaster of emotions these days.

I'll post some pictures after we decorate....its funny -- I always take SOOO many pictures, but now that I am here, here I've barely taken one. Ha!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

God's Reaffirming

I had such a good God moment today that I wanted to share. I woke up later than expected today and missed my Bible and devotional reading which I have been getting pretty consistent on, so I was kicking myself. I have been really struggling with several things lately, so I have been reading and praying ALL the time. Well today something I have been praying for got shot down or I guess the answer just hasn't come yet, but I just felt this peace that God still wanted me to pray, that His will was still going to happen. Then when I came home tonight I read my devotional and it was COMPLETELY about praying until something happens. It even gave the example of striking the match over and over, until the fire blazes. I thought "YES GOD! I am getting the message!" If I had read that this morning, then it wouldn't have been as powerful. Yea God! So pray, pray, pray thats what I'll do! (But I will still try to do my readings in the morning...) :-)